DineAmix On Line WebOrder HOW TO

Sign In
If you have previously registered an account with your favorite restaurant simply;

Lost Password

    If you have forgotten your password press the "Lost Password" button from above.

Press the "Cancel" button to return to the Sign In screen.


    If you are a NEW client press the "Register" button from the top screen.

Press the "Register" button to register your account. An e-mail will be sent confirming your registration and the order screen will appear.
Press the "Cancel" button at any time to return to the Sign In screen.


The main order screen is broken up in to 5 sections.


Place Order

Once you have selected all the desired items for your order press the "Place Order" button. Press the "Return" button to continue ordering.

Press the "Send Now" to send your order to your restaurant outlet. You will receive a confirmation number on screen and an e-mail will be sent with the same information.

We hope you found this document helpful. For more information or assistance call DineAmix Inc. at 888-411-6636 or E-Mail support@dineamix.ca

The DineAmix Team